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Lavender Trust

1178 The Lavender Trust at Breast Cancer Care raises money specifically to fund information and support for younger women with breast cancer.

It is the only fund in the UK dedicated to addressing the particular needs of this age group.

Lavencer TrustIt was founded in 1998 by Justine Picardie and Beth Wagstaff, in memory of Justine’s sister Ruth, who died of breast cancer at the age of 33. Beth had also been diagnosed with the disease in her early 30s, and like Ruth, and many other young women with breast cancer, she felt there was a failure in the provision of services for her age group. The Lavender Trust was therefore set up in order to raise money to help women in similar circumstances.

Each year approximately 5,600 women aged 45 years and under are diagnosed with breast cancer, and the Lavender Trust is still the only fund in the UK dedicated to addressing their particular needs and concerns.

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