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Breast Cancer Voices

Breast Cancer Voices help us to:

  • ensure that services and policies are designed, delivered and evaluated based on actual rather than presumed needs
  • ensure the organisation has the means to be accountable to those it serves
  • enable service users to bring about change and improvement in the areas that concern them most
  • acknowledge it is people’s right to be involved in decisions that affect them.

As a member you would have the chance to:

  • share your experiences to help improve Breast Cancer Care’s services
  • represent the views of those affected by breast cancer by becoming involved in our research and campaigning work
  • respond to surveys about activities at Breast Cancer Care.

You’ll receive a bulletin every other month with details of all the opportunities to get involved. If you choose to, we will also contact you between bulletins to let you know about opportunities relating to the areas you have told us you are interested in. We also use the bulletin to give feedback on the impact of Breast Cancer Voices across our work.

Find out what Breast Cancer Voices has been involved with so far.

User involvement report 2011