Breast Cancer Care is committed to improving the treatment, support and
care of people affected by breast cancer. Our campaigning work is guided and informed by the views and experiences of people living with breast cancer.

  • Spotlight on Secondary Breast Cancer 
    People living with secondary breast cancer often do not receive the best possible standard of care. We’re campaigning to improve this.
  • My Body, Myself 
    We know that body image and intimacy issues are important for many people affected by breast cancer. We’re looking at how we can improve information and support in this area.
  • Standards of care for younger women with breast cancer
    Together with breast cancer specialists and younger women, Breast Cancer Care has developed standards of care for younger women with breast cancer. They include the care and support that all younger women with breast cancer should receive, and the important topics they may want to discuss with their treatment team.
  • Older people with breast cancer 
    Older people with breast cancer have poorer relative survival rates. We’re highlighting the need to improve early diagnosis and ensure optimum treatment for this group, as well as the importance of addressing support and information needs.
  • Access to treatment
    We want to ensure all breast cancer patients have access to the optimum treatment for them. We’re looking at how changes to the way drugs are funded may have an impact on people affected by breast cancer.

Campaigning blog

Every year just over 5,000 women under the age of 45 are diagnosed with breast cancer.

To help support them, we've worked with more than 200 younger women and breast cancer specialists to develop a set of the Standards of care for younger women with breast cancer.


Post date: 01 April 2014

Two powerful groups of MPs and peers with a special interest in breast and ovarian cancer have come together to talk about improving services for people with a family history of the cancers.

As clinical nurse specialist for family history and breast health at Breast Cancer Care, I went to the joint meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Groups on Breast Cancer and on Ovarian Cancer last week with two staff from our Policy and Campaigns team.

We listened to the discussion and...

Post date: 05 February 2014

 A woman who has been through breast cancer treatment twice told MPs she felt privileged to be able to give something back to others: ‘…to improve treatment and their experiences of treatment is really important to me.’

Tamsin was speaking at the House of Commons in Westminster last week at an event organised by us to tell MPs what access to breast cancer treatments means to patients such as them. ...

Post date: 31 January 2014

A charity today reports that older people with cancer are sometimes denied treatment on age grounds alone. This has added to our 2011 findings that older people with breast cancer don’t always get the same level of care as other patient groups.

Macmillan Cancer Support says lives are being lost when older people with cancer are not properly assessed on their fitness levels and the likelihood that they'd benefit from...

Post date: 24 January 2014