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Spotlight on Secondary Breast Cancer

Recent news

  • Evaluation of the Spotlight Campaign We’re currently evaluating the impact our Spotlight Campaign has had in improving the lives of people affected by secondary breast cancer. This will help shape our future campaigning on this area and help us secure funding to continue this work.
  • Sharing our work We recently attended a meeting of patients, healthcare professionals and non-profit organisations to learn and share best practice. We presented a poster about the Spotlight Campaign, and spoke about our work.

Campaign highlights

  • Data collection It’s now mandatory for data to be collected on the number of people diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in England. We’re continuing to campaign for the same in Scotland and Wales. 
  • Service pledge We’ve teamed up with Breakthrough Breast Cancer to create a Secondary Breast Cancer Pledge, to improve local services for people living with secondary breast cancer

Three aims to improve care

Our UK wide Spotlight on Secondary Breast Cancer campaign has developed from the Secondary Breast Cancer Taskforce. The Taskforce was a two-year initiative set up in 2006 by Breast Cancer Care. It recognised that people with secondary breast cancer were not receiving the best possible standard of care. Its recommendations formed the basis of our Spotlight on Secondary Breast Cancer influencing campaign.

  • We want every breast cancer unit to collect accurate data on the number of people with secondary breast cancer across the UK – guessing is not good enough.
  • We want all healthcare professionals to support our Standards of Care for people with secondary breast cancer
  • We want healthcare professionals to have enough training and support so that they can meet the needs of their patients who are living with secondary breast cancer.

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