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House rules for one-to-one email support

This is a confidential peer support service. Your details and information will be kept private and confidential within the service. Your contact details only will be added to Breast Cancer Care's secure database so we can send you an evaluation form to help us monitor the quality of the service and identify improvements or changes.

E-mail support is subject to routine monitoring by Breast Cancer Care staff to ensure quality and safety.

By using this service you agree to the following:

  • foul or abusive language is not acceptable. Offending comments will be reported to the service manager and conversations suspended. We will try to explain to the user why we believe their comments are unsuitable
  • personal attacks or bullying are unacceptable. Any such comments will be shown to the service manager and conversations suspended.
  • this service does not offer medical or clinical healthcare advice. Any comments by volunteers about their experience of medication or healthcare are strictly personal. You should always check with your own doctor if you have any concerns about your condition or treatment
  • the volunteer will not ask you for personal details such as your address or telephone number. Likewise, they will not offer their personal information to you.

We may temporarily or permanently ban a user if we believe they are persistently breaking these rules. In such cases we will communicate with the person to explain our actions and the length of any ban.

As a user, you can report issues or a volunteer if you feel their behaviour is inappropriate. To do so, please contact the Peer Support Team on 0345 077 1893 or by emailing someonelikeme@breastcancercare.org.uk

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01 July 2014