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This year nearly 46,000 women and men will be diagnosed with breast cancer – around 36,000 of those diagnosed will be women over the age of 50. Over the past 25 years breast cancer rates have risen by more than 50%, making it the most common cancer in the United Kingdom.

When someone is diagnosed with breast cancer the news is naturally devastating – the days immediately following a diagnosis can be harrowing. After the initial reactions of shock, confusion and fear, people are often left with many questions.

Which is where we can help

We are about being here for people when they need us most... and then continuing to be there for as long as they need us. Other charities and medical bodies undertake excellent work in researching cancer to benefit all of us in the future.

But we are here for people with the disease right now

Your gift to Breast Cancer Care today will help to support our range of services for people affected by breast cancer.

We believe that nobody should have to go through breast cancer alone and uninformed.

That is why we work to:

Your donation will help us to make a world of a difference to people affected by breast cancer

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What some callers to our Helpline said about our service...

"I called the Helpline twice within the space of a week. On both occasions, the Helpline nurses were incredibly helpful. They both had an excellent knowledge and were able to answer all the questions I put to them. By the end of each call I felt reassured and was confident about making decisions regarding my care.

"My wife had a mastectomy in September and your team have kindly answered all my questions at a time of high stress.

"I was really nervous about phoning the Helpline. At the time I was feeling so low and just didn’t know which way to turn. Just thanks for being there.

"After my telephone conversation with the lady from Breast Cancer Care, I felt much better. All my questions were answered. She was very helpful and could totally understand what I was talking about and how I was feeling. Nothing was too much trouble and she was very patient with me. I felt I had received much needed support."

Breast Cancer Care Helpline
0808 800 6000

The Breast Cancer Care Helpline is a free and confidential service. To protect the identity of callers, all quotes are anonymous. However, the quotes here have been used with the caller’s permission.