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I'm a younger woman with breast cancer

1179 1489 Being told that you have breast cancer can come as a huge shock and it may be particularly unexpected because of your younger age.

You may find it difficult to take in your diagnosis or you may question if it is really true. You might have little knowledge or information about breast cancer and feel unprepared to make decisions about your treatment.

We are here to support you. This page highlights a selection of our expert information, free services and publications that are specifically relevant to younger people with breast cancer.

Breast cancer is not common in younger women. Because of this, being diagnosed at a young age can sometimes be a very isolating experience.

For instance, you will be less likely to meet other women in a similar situation when attending clinic appointments. It can also mean making choices about your future far sooner than you may have expected.

Our online forum, Someone Like Me and Younger Women Together are great ways to meet women of a similar age, in a similar situation, with whom you can share experiences, fears and hopes. Some of the younger women who have used our services have shared their stories in a short-film which you can watch here.

Together with breast cancer specialists and younger women, Breast Cancer Care has developed standards of care for younger women with breast cancer. They include the care and support that all younger women with breast cancer should receive, and the important topics they may want to discuss with their treatment team.