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Browse through the list below for Breast Cancer Care support available for you. You can narrow it down to your area by clicking on the map or using the postcode search.

We also have regular sessions nationwide for people living with secondary breast cancer or looking for advice about hairloss.

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Salford M6 8HD
02 June 2015
03 June 2015 - 01 July 2015
Lanarkshire Lanarkshire
03 June 2015
London London
03 June 2015
Rhyl Rhyl
04 June 2015
04 June 2015
05 June 2015
Bridgend Bridgend
05 June 2015
05 June 2015
05 June 2015

Nationwide services

We have weekly Headstrong appointments nationally where you can talk through how to look after your hair and scalp before during and after treatment. 

Find a Headstrong location near you

There are monthly meet-ups for people living with secondary breast cancer across the country.

Find a Living with secondary breast cancer group near you