Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) pills
PUBLISHED ON: 7 December 2016

NICE and NHS England are proposing some changes to the way new treatments are made available on the NHS in England.

close up of a man and woman holding hands
PUBLISHED ON: 1 December 2016

David lost his wife to breast cancer aged just 30. He now works at Breast Cancer Care, helping us give the support he and his family didn't receive.

Woman having a mammogram
PUBLISHED ON: 28 November 2016

Being recalled to a breast clinic after routine breast screening can be an extremely anxious time. Breast Care Nurse Eve Smith explains what to expect.

Rachel Rawson
PUBLISHED ON: 24 November 2016

Scars are a natural part of the body's healing process but they can cause irritation and some find them unsightly, as Clinical Nurse Specialist Rachel Rawson explains. She also talks about caring for scars after breast cancer surgery.

Woman in a pink hat
PUBLISHED ON: 22 November 2016

Feeling anxious about your appearance and losing some of your confidence after breast cancer is absolutely normal. Read our top tips on how to feel comfortable in your clothes again.

Two women chatting about their hair loss
PUBLISHED ON: 15 November 2016

Many people will lose some or all of their hair as a side effect of chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

PUBLISHED ON: 9 November 2016

Damalie is one of our Product Champions testing BECCA, the Breast Cancer Care support app. Read her top tips for moving forward after breast cancer.

Boys choir singing in a carol service
PUBLISHED ON: 7 November 2016

Join us this Christmas at our festive Carols by Candlelight. Ticket sales will help Breast Cancer Care support those with breast cancer.

Janine and her daughter in head scarves
PUBLISHED ON: 4 November 2016

Janine Brook shares her moving speech that she gave at our annual fashion show about her approach to living with a secondary breast cancer diagnosis.

Moving Forward volunteer Janet and her dog, Jasper
PUBLISHED ON: 27 October 2016

As a Moving Forward volunteer, Janet helps support women facing life after breast cancer treatment. She shares more about her role and what a typical day is like.

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