PUBLISHED ON: 1 September 2015

Earlier this year Luke Naylor-Perrott surprised his girlfriend with a fundraising skydive. Luke tells us what made him do it.

PUBLISHED ON: 27 August 2015

This October Breast Cancer Care support Marita Louis, will be working to make a difference to the lives of women facing breast cancer in India. Learn more about Marita's adventure and how you can even get involved.

PUBLISHED ON: 26 August 2015

Knowing your cancer can no longer be cured can be overwhelming and you may be given a lot of information which is difficult to take in, or you may feel you haven’t got enough information about the treatment and support you’ll need now and in the future. Gaining support from others who know how it is to be going through diagnosis and treatment of secondary breast cancer can be really helpful.

PUBLISHED ON: 24 August 2015

Help us name our new Breast Awareness Roadshow bus and you could win two tickets to see the England football team play against Switzerland.

PUBLISHED ON: 19 August 2015

Breast cancer treatment can affect a woman's periods. Treatments such as chemotherapy and hormone therapy can cause periods to become erratic or stop all together. We look at some of the ways periods can be affected and other issues this may cause.

PUBLISHED ON: 13 August 2015

If you have any questions about breast cancer or breast health, our experts are just a phone call away.

PUBLISHED ON: 10 August 2015

Having access to good quality patient information can really make a change to how well someone copes when they find out they have breast cancer. Good information can help people make decisions about treatment, ask questions, feel prepared for what’s to come and importantly reduce anxiety.

PUBLISHED ON: 7 August 2015

Doris Scott knows a thing or two about having a Strawberry Tea for Breast Cancer Care. In fact, she’s had more than ten. Doris shares her tips on how to organise a no-fuss Strawberry Tea.

PUBLISHED ON: 24 July 2015

UK medical journal The Lancet has published important findings from a review of worldwide trials on women taking bisphosphonates for 2-5 years.

PUBLISHED ON: 24 July 2015

We've conducted a survery with YouGov that shows the majority of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer (89%) suffer from often debilitating side effects following treatment.