PUBLISHED ON: 24 July 2015

UK medical journal The Lancet has published important findings from a review of worldwide trials on women taking bisphosphonates for 2-5 years.

PUBLISHED ON: 24 July 2015

We've conducted a survery with YouGov that shows the majority of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer (89%) suffer from often debilitating side effects following treatment.


PUBLISHED ON: 22 July 2015

We take a detailed look at the strategy and outline the most important points.  

PUBLISHED ON: 6 July 2015

Women over the age of 70 don’t always realise that their risk of breast cancer increases as they get older. Many women are also not aware that they can...

PUBLISHED ON: 2 July 2015

Our support line recently took a call from a woman in her 70s. She was phoning about her planned breast cancer...

PUBLISHED ON: 1 July 2015

Hormone therapies have been part of breast cancer treatment for women who are oestrogen receptor positive (ER +) for many years. Drugs such as...

PUBLISHED ON: 29 June 2015

At this time of year our Helpline gets lots of calls from people at different points in their treatment thinking about holidays and travel. To help you plan for...

PUBLISHED ON: 25 June 2015

Breast Cancer Care’s Policy Manager Emma Lavelle explains why new guidelines for GPs are a positive step in helping spot the symptoms of cancer sooner.

PUBLISHED ON: 22 June 2015

Diana Jupp, our Director of Services, says goodbye to Breast Cancer Care after 19 years.

PUBLISHED ON: 19 June 2015

The big day is nearly here – next week we will be launching our new website! The website is an extremely important way for us to offer support and...