PUBLISHED ON: 1 December 2015

Find out how you can show your support for people with breast cancer on Giving Tuesday.

PUBLISHED ON: 24 November 2015

A doubling in the number of bilateral mastectomies at a Manchester breast clinic to reduce people's risk of breast cancer caused by an inherited gene has been put down to the ‘Angelina Effect’.

PUBLISHED ON: 19 November 2015

NHS England and NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) have launched a consultation to ask for views on the future direction of the Cancer Drugs Fund in England.

PUBLISHED ON: 12 November 2015

How to check your breasts following news that a third of women are not breast aware.

PUBLISHED ON: 9 November 2015

Everyone’s experience of breast cancer is different, but there are a lot of brilliant breast cancer blogs out there covering the issues you are facing – here are five of our favourites to get you started.

PUBLISHED ON: 5 November 2015

NHS England has confirmed that secondary breast cancer drug, Avastin, will no longer be available to patients through the Cancer Drugs Fund.

PUBLISHED ON: 26 October 2015

Since the launch of our ‘bucket list’ campaign in September, we’ve met with party leaders, our campaign was raised in Parliament and 600 of you sent messages to the Health Ministers of England, Scotland and Wales.

PUBLISHED ON: 19 October 2015

Our services and support for secondary breast cancer is here all year round. Find out more about them.

PUBLISHED ON: 12 October 2015

Emma was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer four years ago. She shares her bucket list and explains the one thing she thinks the government could do to help people like her.

PUBLISHED ON: 1 October 2015

Lots of GPs (local doctors) run flu vaccination clinics from early Autumn. The vaccine is offered free to people who are more at risk of catching flu or of having more serious complications from it. This includes anyone with a weakened immune system because of cancer or treatment for cancer.

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