What to expect when you call the Breast Cancer Care Helpline

PUBLISHED ON: 25 September 2014

As we go about our daily lives we sometimes need to phone different organisations – utility companies, GP practices, insurance companies, and hospitals, for example. And sometimes we don't know who's going to be on the other end of the line or what to expect.

Questions or concerns

When you phone the Breast Cancer Care helpline with a breast health concern or question you can be confident that whoever answers the phone will either be an experienced nurse or one of our trained Helpline staff with experience of breast cancer.

We come from a variety of backgrounds which I think is one of the strengths of the Helpline.

Our team includes sessional staff who may work in other jobs when they're not answering Helpline calls. Some of the nurses work in breast units (both NHS and private), GP surgeries and hospices. Other staff may work in related fields (such as counselling) or have a personal understanding of a breast cancer diagnosis and treatments.

Here for you

Sometimes a caller will say to us: 'I’m not sure I should be speaking to you. I don’t have a problem myself, it’s my relative.' That’s okay. We're here for anyone affected by breast cancer, which includes friends and family. Healthcare professionals are welcome to phone us too.

It may be daunting calling a helpline, especially if you haven’t done it before. But when you call us you can rest assured that we're a confidential service where you can talk about any breast health or breast cancer concerns.

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