A woman having a hot flush
PUBLISHED ON: 25 August 2017

Hot flushes are a distressing side effect of breast cancer treatments like tamoxifen. But there treatments that can help you cope.

Woman looking out to sea
PUBLISHED ON: 18 August 2017

After Ann finished treatment for breast cancer, she was struck by a wave of anxiety and grief as the impact of her diagnosis hit.

A woman receiving a massage
PUBLISHED ON: 15 August 2017

Some people worry that having a massage can encourage breast cancer to spread. We look at the facts about breast cancer and massages. 

A collection of multi coloured pills
PUBLISHED ON: 14 July 2017

A round-up of the latest news about breast cancer research, treatments and side effects.

Kirstie with her mum
PUBLISHED ON: 22 June 2017

After losing her mum to breast cancer last year, Kirstie decided to hold an Afternoon Tea as a special way to remember her one year on.

A woman lying down with her legs up the wall
PUBLISHED ON: 20 June 2017

Recent research shows the positive effect of yoga after a breast cancer diagnosis. Find out about the benefits of yoga, if it's safe after breast cancer, and try out our five simple poses.

Cathie with her partner
PUBLISHED ON: 16 June 2017

After having a mastectomy following a breast cancer recurrence when she was 34, Cathie chose not to have reconstruction surgery. She shares her story and the impact breast cancer has had on her body image.

In my culture people don't talk about cancer
PUBLISHED ON: 5 June 2017

Kreena talks about the taboos around cancer in Indian culture, and learning to embrace her new self after breast cancer.

PUBLISHED ON: 2 June 2017

If you or a close relative have been diagnosed with breast cancer, it is normal to worry about whether there is an increased risk in your family. We answer some common questions about breast cancer in families.

PUBLISHED ON: 30 May 2017

Chief Executive Samia al Qadhi shares her story of the pink ribbon and explains how your stories can help us celebrate this powerful symbol.

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