An illustration of a breast displaying a symptom of breast cancer
PUBLISHED ON: 17 August 2016

Being breast aware means getting to know how your breasts look and feel so you know what is normal for you, and reporting any unusual changes to your GP. But there is lots of misinformation to avoid. Here we look at the facts behind some of the myths.

Running shoe
PUBLISHED ON: 10 August 2016

Keeping fit after breast cancer has known benefits, but the effort can seem Olympian if you are struggling with the side effects of treatment. Taking simple, manageable steps can be the answer.

Our Helpline
PUBLISHED ON: 3 August 2016

Breast Cancer Care Clinical Nurse Specialist Jane Murphy explains how our Helpline can be a strong source of support when a breast cancer diagnosis leads to loneliness and isolation.

Drug bottle illustration
PUBLISHED ON: 29 July 2016

A new model of the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) is launched today. We give an overview of the new CDF, what it could mean for you, and what Breast Cancer Care is doing to ensure that the new model works for people with breast cancer.

PUBLISHED ON: 25 July 2016

Stand-up comedian and actress Lana Schwarcz was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. She's turned this experience into a funny and heartfelt one-woman show that’s coming to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

An image of Jane smiling at the camera
PUBLISHED ON: 18 July 2016

Breast Cancer Care Clinical Nurse Specialist Jane Murphy, whose working day includes answering calls on our Helpline, talks about how important it is for people to get support when they're caring for someone with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Breast Cancer Care nurse
PUBLISHED ON: 15 July 2016

Our Clinical Nurse Specialist Catherine Priestley explains what it means to be breast aware when there's a possibility of secondary breast cancer.

Jane with her Strawberry Tea guests
PUBLISHED ON: 7 July 2016

Jane Lord from King’s Lynn held her first Strawberry Tea for Breast Cancer Care last year and is planning her second this August. She shares her top tips and how to get started with yours.

Woman looking at tablet
PUBLISHED ON: 5 July 2016

Some callers to our Helpline notice that they don’t feel as ‘on the ball’ during or after treatment for breast cancer. If this sounds familiar, you may be experiencing a side effect of treatment called cognitive impairment, also known as ‘chemo fog’ or ‘chemo brain’.

Liz is wearing a breast cancer care cycling vest
PUBLISHED ON: 24 June 2016

Breast surgeon Liz O’Riordan explains how she managed to stay active during treatment for breast cancer.

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