Claire had a bilateral reconstruction

We speak to three women about their different experiences and choices around breast reconstruction.

Personal story | 9 May 2018

my anxiety stopped me seeing a future

After struggling with the mental health aspect of breast cancer, Jo found support from women who had been through the same thing on our Forum.

Personal story | 14 May 2018


Rebecca was diagnosed with incurable, secondary breast cancer just before New Year’s Eve last year. She talks about the eight things that have helped her come to terms with ‘incurable’. 

Personal story | 11 May 2018

Hospital sign

It has come to light that a large number of women in England did not get their final routine breast screening invitation. We address some of the key questions. 

Breast Cancer Care | 3 May 2018

Sarah with her family, who supported her through diagnosis

Sarah, from South Wales, was diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years after losing her mum to the disease. She tells us how her family helped her through treatment, and how she's giving back by hosting an Afternoon Tea.

Personal story | 2 May 2018

Woman having her breasts screened

More on the news about NHS failure of some automatic breast screening invitations to older women. 

Breast Cancer Care | 2 May 2018

Expert tips for better sleep

With the help of an expert, we look at the best ways to try to get a good night’s sleep, from self-help tips to sleep aids.

Breast Cancer Care | 30 April 2018

Sarah Pickles with baby Monty

When Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer at 32, one of her first concerns was how treatment would affect her fertility.

Personal story | 24 April 2018

Claire, who has secondary breast cancer and supports our Secondary. Not Second Rate campaign, explains what planning for the end of life means to her.

Personal story | 18 April 2018

Sheila McNicol after her hair grew back

Sheila McNicol describes how the day she stopped wearing her wig was the day she came to terms with how she looked.

Personal story | 10 April 2018