Sharon and her husband

Sharon tells us how breast cancer affected her relationship, and how breaking the taboo of talking about her emotions helped.

Personal story | 8 June 2018

Find out about Perjerta and other targeted therapies.

NICE has published draft guidance to not recommend Perjeta (pertuzumab) for routine NHS use after surgery for some higher risk breast cancer. 

Breast Cancer Care | 15 June 2018

Dennis Perkins and his daughter Sarah

Dennis lost his wife and later his partner to breast cancer. When his daughter Sarah was diagnosed, his experience helped him give her the support she needed.  

Personal story | 15 June 2018

Rebecca, diagnosed with secondary breast cancer earlier this year, tells us how she handled her friends’ and family’s feelings about her diagnosis.

Personal story | 15 June 2018

Alex and her family

Alex, Tricia and Sharon talk about how breast cancer affected their relationships in different ways.

Personal story | 12 June 2018

Stu gives support to partners of women diagnosed with breast cancer

In 2015 Stu's partner Beth was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now he shares his experience with other men whose partners have been diagnosed.

Personal story | 7 June 2018

Harjit in her garden

While recovering from her breast cancer treatment Harjit realised she was limited in what she was able to do. Here she talks about role reversal and relying on her children for help. 

Personal story | 6 June 2018

Having chemotherapy

Following news that fewer women may need chemotherapy, we look at what this means and what to do if you’re not sure whether you should have it.

Breast Cancer Care | 4 June 2018

Pearl Someone Like Me Volunteer

This Volunteers' Week, we speak to Pearl and Jackie about talking to others with a similar experience of breast cancer through our Someone Like Me service.  

Personal story | 1 June 2018

Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts, blogger at Working Girl Life, shares her experience of managing fertility concerns alongside her breast cancer treatment at the age of 33.  

Personal story | 31 May 2018