PUBLISHED ON: 7 December 2017

We love winter, with its hearty food, warm jumpers, log fires and festivities. But it can be a challenging time after treatment - colder weather and shorter days can make being active less inviting, and there can be a lot of pressure to socialise.

We asked you what tips you’d give others who’ve recently finished treatment, here are our top 5.

1. Save energy at parties

Save your energy at parties

‘Try arriving to parties early and leave before it gets crowded and you get tired, they’ll understand.’

Socialising with a small group can be fun. But big parties can be tiring if you’ve recently finished treatment, or are struggling with fatigue. Give yourself time to get there and don’t worry about slipping away before they hit the dance floor!

2. How to join in festive drinks

Non-alcoholic drinks after breast cancer

The festive period can often involve alcohol, which you may not be in the mood for after treatment. But that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy a festive beverage and join the Christmas cheer.

Why not try a warming mulled apple juice instead?

3. Let your friends know how you feel

Let your friends know how you feel

‘With socialising, everyone knows what I've been through and understands if I cancel last minute. I try to plan my days to ensure I have the energy, and have rest days.’

Plan in advance and let your friends know that you might not be able to do something. Try to give yourself space, rather than overcommit to too many plans.

4. Bring the Christmas cheer indoors

Christmas and winter candles

‘When I don’t feel like going out I have candles that smell like things outside like pine trees and cinnamon, so I’m getting a little bit of the outdoors indoors.' 

5. Find hints and tips in BECCA


BECCA, the Breast Cancer Care App, is full of seasonal hints and tips to help you adapt to life beyond treatment. Whether you want healthy recipes, suggestions for coping with side effects from treatment, or to read personal stories from others who have had a similar experience, why not see if there’s something in BECCA for you?