PUBLISHED ON: 30 May 2019

Mel found support through our Forum during her treatment.

Mel found support through our Forum

I was diagnosed on the 10 April earlier this year. Receiving the diagnosis was bizarrely a relief.

I'm a nurse and health visitor, so when I felt a lump I was pretty sure it was breast cancer. However, I still felt like I was on my own.

Cancer is something that happened to other people, not me. Confirming the diagnosis to family, friends and work colleagues opened the flood gates for tears. Cancer had become real and I was saying it out loud. 

About four days after my diagnosis I ventured onto the Breast Cancer Care Forum. Initially, I started just reading the posts from other users. It made me realise I wasn't alone, and that there were so many others out there experiencing breast cancer.

I made my first post about being newly diagnosed and how surreal it felt. Within minutes I had lots of supportive replies from users at different stages of their cancer, offering me words of support, encouragement and positivity.

My surgery was planned for the 9 May. The three week wait seemed an eternity and all the time I kept thinking ‘this could spread’. I started my own thread on the Forum about surgery, and lots of people responded, sharing their own experiences. It's humbling that people I have never met take the time to post.

The Forum has been invaluable. Family and friends do their best to support and understand, but only those who had been through it really understand the impact of breast cancer.

The Forum will always be a part of my life now, and I will continue to use it, hopefully to support others who are on the emotional rollercoaster that is a breast cancer diagnosis.

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