PUBLISHED ON: 17 January 2018

Last year you helped us campaign to get vital care, information and support for people with secondary breast cancer. Here are five ways you helped us campaign for better care.

Support those with secondary breast cancer

1. You helped people with secondary breast cancer find support

16 percent of women with secondary breast cancer weren’t given information during treatment about finding support.

In January we launched ‘Support and Impact’, the third report in our Secondary. Not Second Rate. campaign series. Our campaigners distributed our ’Helpline’ cards to make sure others knew where they could access support.

2. We raised concerns about specialist nursing care

Three quarters of NHS Trusts and Health Boards say there’s not enough specialist nursing care for people with secondary breast cancer.

In April we released the final report in our Secondary. Not Second Rate series, ‘Nursing Care’. Our amazing campaigners contacted their local health bodies to raise their concerns.

3. We kept secondary breast cancer at the top of the political agenda

Secondary. Not Second Rate campaign

In May the UK Government announced a snap General Election. Our campaigners wrote to their parliamentary candidates to make sure secondary breast cancer stayed at the top of the parliamentary agenda.  

In September and October we attended the Labour and Conservative Party Conferences to share the findings from the Secondary. Not Second Rate campaign with Parliamentarians and call for change to ensure everyone gets the care and support they need, when they need it.

4. Over 1,500 campaigners pledged their support to our Manifesto for Change

Supporting the Manifesto for Change

Breast cancer campaigner Emma Cairns spoke at the event and Craig Tracey MP hosted the reception. 

In October over 1,500 Breast Cancer Care campaigners and supporters pledged their support to our Manifesto for Change to improve standards of care and support for people living with secondary breast cancer.  

Alongside some of our fantastic campaigners we launched the Manifesto, as well our Secondary. Not Second Rate: Case for Change report in Parliament, setting out our key recommendations to mark Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day.  

5. Our services improved quality of life beyond breast cancer treatment 

Last year we launched research showing our Moving Forward course improves quality of life, and offers value to the NHS and wider society.  

We know that many people experience anxiety, uncertainty and fear following hospital based treatment for primary breast cancer. Our Moving Forward course supports people to adjust after treatment and find their new “normal”.  

Our research found that by attending the Moving Forward course participants saw an improvement to their quality of life, a reduction in concern and an increased ability and confidence to self-manage health.  

In December we shared our findings in Parliament and called on the government to ensure everyone gets the tailored information they need to adjust to life after treatment for primary breast cancer.  

Join our Campaigns Network and find out how you can help us secure better care for people affected by breast cancer. 

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