PUBLISHED ON: 20 August 2018

After holding her first Big Pink last year, Nicola is getting ready to host another at her work on 12 October.

Nicola and her family

I was diagnosed in July 2013. It was a month before my 36th birthday.

I felt a lot of different emotions. My dad had died from cancer at 36, so my diagnosis was even more significant.

I was angry and sad about what was happening to me during my treatment. The pain of the chemotherapy and the loss of my hair was very difficult for me. I finished active treatment in April 2014, and I'm now on Tamoxifen.

It’s been a challenge trying to deal with my diagnosis. I’ve been left with physical and mental scars, but mostly I feel grateful that I am alive and try to live everyday to the fullest.

My mum was my rock and without her I don’t know how I would have dealt with it all. I was lucky that I had family and friends around to help me through it, but others aren’t as lucky. That’s why charities such as Breast Cancer Care are so important. They’re there to help you through the darkest and scariest times.

I'm proud to say that my company supports me and my fundraising 100%. Last year I hosted a Big Pink at my work place. We had a bake sale, guess the sweets in the jar and a worst short and tie competition!

We raised £345 and I'm hoping that we beat that number this year.

Join Nicola and host your own Big Pink party on 12 October to help us reach more people affected by breast cancer.