PUBLISHED ON: 31 January 2019

Where's the body positive movement for mastectomies? 

We speak to Diana about how she struggled to find a sports bra after she had a mastectomy. She asks why women aren’t encouraged to love their bodies after they’ve had a mastectomy, and what fashion brands could do to make women like her feel more empowered. 

Diana was terrified when she was diagnosed. Her mastectomy felt like a positive step against breast cancer. What people thoughts about her body was the least of her worries when she was facing treatment. 

She feels there isn't enough of a body postive movement for women who choose not to have a reconstruction and talks about finding confidence in her new body, regardless of other people's perception of her. 

The appearance of my body, and what other people thought about it, was the least of my worries. My friends and family know I've had a mastectomy - and they don't care.

Read more from Diana in her blog.

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