PUBLISHED ON: 6 February 2019

No one talks about grief and breast cancer

We speak to Laura, who writes for her blog "That Mum With..." about living with secondary breast cancer, how her perspective on life has changed, and the difficulties with 'battling' language around cancer. 

Laura was diagnosed with primary breast cancer in June 2017. When it came to her treatment, she went straight into survival mode, positive that should would be able to 'beat' the breast cancer. When it was over and everyone else around her was celebrating, Laura felt like she was in a void. 

She talks about experiencing pressure to get better and feeling like a caricature of herself. When Laura was told that the cancer has spread to her bones in April 2018, her perspective shifted. 

This podcast contains some swearing.

When you're like me and it comes back, you think, did I not fight hard enough? I think the way you support somebody that's just been diagnosed with cancer shouldn't be prepping somebody for a boxing fight.

Everyone’s experience is unique to them. This podcast contains the personal story and experience of the speaker, rather than that of Breast Cancer Care.

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