A woman wearing sun screen

You may be concerned about the effects of hot weather during and after breast cancer treatment. Our nurse, Rachel, suggests ways to look after your skin and stay comfortable in the heat this summer.

Breast Cancer Care | 2 May 2019

Marina's son Ruaridh

When Marina was diagnosed, she worried about her children. Then she read Breast Cancer Care's book, Mummy's Lump. 

Personal story | 28 March 2019

Anna tattooing Kerry

Tattoo artist Anna Garvey answers your questions about mastectomy tattoos.

Breast Cancer Care | 27 March 2019

Annika and her son

Annika believed that she would never have children. She shares how attending a Younger Women Together event changed that. 


Personal story | 26 March 2019

Jackie at a Big Half this year

Exercise helped Jackie move forward from her diagnosis. In a series of short clips, she shares her top tips for exercising both during and after treatment.

Personal story | 25 March 2019

Leanne built her own community after her diagnosis

After her treatment, Leanne felt completely alone in how she was feeling. She's since set up Black Women Rising, a project to get black women talking about their breast cancer experience. 

Personal story | 21 March 2019

Helena before surgery

Helena didn’t know anything about breast cancer until she was diagnosed. Now she’s sharing her experience to help raise awareness.

Personal story | 20 March 2019

Francesca and Fiona

We talk to Francesca and Fiona, Kally and Amanda about their stories of motherhood and breast cancer.

Personal story | 20 March 2019

Hair loss tips for all seasons

Living in a country with a changeable climate can be a challenge if you have hair loss. We have some tips whatever the weather.

Breast Cancer Care | 18 March 2019


Karen struggled with grief for her pre-mastectomy body. She shares how she processed her emotions.

Personal story | 14 March 2019