A woman wearing sun screen

You may be concerned about the effects of hot weather during and after breast cancer treatment. Our nurse, Rachel, suggests ways to look after your skin and stay comfortable in the heat this summer.

Breast Cancer Care | 2 May 2019

When a woman or a man is diagnosed with breast cancer the impact ripples outwards affecting many people. 

Personal story | 18 August 2014

We're here to support you

When Helpline staff talk to people calling with breast health or breast cancer questions it’s vital that the information we give is clinically accurate and of a high standard. 

Breast Cancer Care | 11 August 2014

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) will not recommend a drug called T-DM1 (Kadcyla) which is used to treat a type of secondary breast cancer for use on the NHS.

Breast Cancer Care | 8 August 2014

Rachel Rawson

Rachel Rawson Clinical Nurse Specialist at Breast Cancer Care comments on research published in the journal Annals of Oncology.

Breast Cancer Care | 7 August 2014

Two women talking and smiling

Five UK hospitals are asking their patients with secondary breast cancer how they feel about the support and services available locally.

Breast Cancer Care | 5 August 2014

The eat well plate

Many people tell us that they put on weight during and after treatment and they contact us for ideas on how to get back to their original weight.

Breast Cancer Care | 4 August 2014

Wearing a wig after chemotherapy

Many people who call us on the Helpline think that having breast cancer automatically means chemotherapy. We discuss the treatment and its effects. 

Breast Cancer Care | 31 July 2014

An image of cupcakes with strawberry wrappers

This summer get together with friends and family over a Strawberry Tea.

Breast Cancer Care | 29 July 2014

Nurse talking to patient

A new type of radiotherapy treatment that could significantly improve the quality of life for some women diagnosed with breast cancer may soon be available as an NHS treatment.

Breast Cancer Care | 25 July 2014