A woman wearing sun screen

You may be concerned about the effects of hot weather during and after breast cancer treatment. Our nurse, Rachel, suggests ways to look after your skin and stay comfortable in the heat this summer.

Breast Cancer Care | 2 May 2019

Several news sources have reported that a new test could spare thousands of women unnecessary treatment for breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Care | 3 December 2013

A hand holding a pen over a piece of paper

It would mean so much if you were able to make a gift in honour of someone you love so that we can be there for others this Christmas.

Breast Cancer Care | 29 November 2013

Jane Hinnrichs and Samia al Qadhi

o ensure MPs and members of the House of Lords know about Breast Cancer Care and the work we do we held an event at the House of Commons.

Breast Cancer Care | 18 November 2013

Advanced breast cancer is widely misunderstood by the public and people affected by it often feel isolated and unsupported. This was the loud and clear message from the ABC2 international conference in Lisbon.

Breast Cancer Care | 13 November 2013

You’d think it would be straightforward these days to get access to information that helps us make choices about the treatments and care we receive. We live in ‘the information age’ surely?

Breast Cancer Care | 13 November 2013

Support for younger women with breast cancer

Sometimes only someone who’s been there can really understand what you’re going through. Being diagnosed with breast cancer as a younger woman can be incredibly isolating and we often hear how difficult it can be to find someone who's been through similar experiences.

Breast Cancer Care | 11 November 2013

Women getting support

Carol helps coordinate our Living with Secondary Breast Cancer services. She shares what they're about, and why they're so important. 

Breast Cancer Care | 7 November 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Month reception at Edinburgh Castle

First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond this week helped us mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month and our 40th year hosting a reception at Edinburgh Castle.

Breast Cancer Care | 31 October 2013

Sometimes only someone who’s been there can really understand what you’re going through. That’s why we set up our One-to-One Support service where you can speak to a trained volunteer who’s been through a similar breast cancer experience.

Breast Cancer Care | 28 October 2013