A woman wearing sun screen

You may be concerned about the effects of hot weather during and after breast cancer treatment. Our nurse, Rachel, suggests ways to look after your skin and stay comfortable in the heat this summer.

Breast Cancer Care | 2 May 2019

Rebecca and her niece

We speak to Rebecca about speaking to children, friends, family and strangers about a secondary breast cancer diagnosis. 

Personal story | 14 February 2019

A couple being intimate together

It's normal to worry about being intimate after breast cancer. Dr Joy Hall answers your questions about sex and intimacy.

Breast Cancer Care | 14 February 2019

Jo after her hair loss

Jo was devastated when she found out chemotherapy meant that she would lose her hair. She shares her tips on managing hair loss.

Personal story | 13 February 2019

Emma after her treatment

One year on from her diagnosis, Emma writes about how far she has come, and what she has learnt from her experience.

Personal story | 11 February 2019

Vitamin D helps support bones

Vitamin D is important for good bone health, but it can be difficult to get enough during the winter. We look at the top ways for getting enough vitamin D after a diagnosis.

Breast Cancer Care | 7 February 2019

Laura and her daughter

Laura talks about living with secondary breast cancer and the difficulties with 'battling' language and cancer.

Personal story | 6 February 2019

Bal during treatment

Breast cancer doesn't discriminate. This World Cancer Day we're sharing Bal and Sania's stories.

Personal story | 4 February 2019

Diana and her husband

When Diana had a single mastectomy without reconstruction, she couldn’t find a sports bra that fit. Read her letter to sports brands. 

Personal story | 1 February 2019

We share your top tips for self care

We picked out your top self-care tips that you have shared with us this month.

Breast Cancer Care | 31 January 2019