Breast Cancer Care employs a team of dedicated, professional staff to run and support all of our services on a day-to-day basis but the ultimate legal and financial responsibility lies with the Board of Trustees.

Emma Burns, Chair

Emma Burns is a Breast Cancer Care Trustee

Emma Burns was appointed as a Trustee in July 2008 and Chair of the Board of Trustees in March 2014.

Emma's first experience of Breast Cancer Care was when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2001 aged just 30. Her positive experience of our support services led her to become more involved and she has been a volunteer with us since 2004. Emma is a partner with top 100 Law Firm Hugh James in Cardiff. She specialises in employment law and heads the Employment and HR Services Group.


I know only too well from my own personal experience just how important the work is that Breast Cancer Care does, and how much of a difference we make to the lives of people affected by breast cancer. It’s a privilege to be able to play a leading role in directing our work and ensuring that the voice of people who have had breast cancer is at the heart of everything we do.

Marion Lewis, Vice-Chair

Marion Lewis is a Breast Cancer Care Trustee

Marion Lewis was appointed as a Trustee in 2014, having worked with Breast Cancer Care as a volunteer since 2006.

Marion has had two careers: the first one was as a clinical psychologist, practising as a cognitive behaviour therapist and gaining a PhD for research on anxiety. She then moved into international business development, mainly concerned with business strategy, marketing and communications. Marion also worked for some 20 years on a voluntary basis for the Prince’s Trust, teaching and mentoring young people.


Breast cancer has had a brutal impact on my family, affecting many members including my mother, sister and then me. So I know how important it is to have quality information, care and support through this hard journey. I have enjoyed sharing what I have learned with over 75 ladies through the Someone Like Me service, and then being a founder member and then Chair of our own user involvement group, SURP. Breast Cancer Care is a wonderful organisation, driven by a hugely committed team, and I am very proud to have joined the Board of Trustees.

Jill Thompson, Treasurer

Jill Thompson, Treasurer and Trustee Breast Cancer Care

Jill Thompson was appointed Trustee and Treasurer of Breast Cancer Care in 2016.

Jill left full-time work as an investment manager in 2005, since when she has volunteered for a range of different charities and organisations, including fundraising for a local hospice.

Jill is a Chartered Accountant with experience of auditing and financial services.



I am now many months on from active treatment yet still use the Breast Cancer Care website as a valuable source of information, and doubt that I will ever stop using it. It was a godsend during the days of treatment and recovery.

Mark Astaire

Mark Astaire, Trustee Breast Cancer Care

Mark Astaire was appointed as a Trustee in 2016, having been involved over the years with a number of charities, including Depaul UK – supporting homeless young people.

Mark was attracted to Breast Cancer Care because of the care and support focus of our work. He has an active interest in the arts and education, and among other things is the founder and head of the judging panel for the Astaire Art Prize at the Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh.

Mark is a senior investment banker at Barclays.


I have been impressed by the high levels of commitment and professionalism of the Breast Cancer Care team. I am keen to make a positive contribution to the charity's important work.

Susan Brannigan

Susan Brannigan is a Breast Cancer Care Trustee

Susan Brannigan was appointed as a Trustee in 2011.

Susan is a solicitor who has worked in legal practice and the financial services industry in the UK for 18 years. She has also volunteered for other major health charities.




I have thoroughly enjoyed becoming involved with the work of Breast Cancer Care over the past few years and feel honoured to be a Trustee for such a professional organisation. I have seen the devastating effects breast cancer has had on family and friends, and am fully committed to supporting Breast Cancer Care in its aims and mission over the next few years.

Christine Douglass

Christine Douglass is a Breast Cancer care Trustee

Chrissie Douglass was appointed as a Trustee in March 2014.

Chrissie has been a volunteer for Breast Cancer Care since 2002, and an Ambassador since 2008.  Chrissie is a filmmaker and has worked in science and health communication, clinical research and medical publishing in the UK and Asia. She is currently engaged in cross-disciplinary research exploring individual experiences of breast cancer. Chrissie has also previously served as a trustee for a charity committed to improving educational access and opportunities to financially and socially disadvantaged young people.

I feel privileged to have been involved with Breast Cancer Care over a number of highly rewarding years. Through personal family experience and from insights gained in my professional life, I am convinced that those with direct experience of illness should be at the centre of policy and decision making. I am deeply committed to Breast Cancer Care’s core values, and feel honoured to be a part of such a dynamic, caring and collaborative organisation.

Dr Alison Jones

Dr Alison Jones is a Breast Cancer Care Trustee

Dr Alison Jones has been a Trustee since 2013.

Alison has been a Consultant Medical Oncologist since 1993 and specialises in breast cancer. She works in North London across the Royal Free and UCLH, providing care and treatment for people with breast cancer at all stages of their pathway. This includes early breast cancer in relation to adjuvant treatment after surgery through to people with advanced disease, and supportive care.

Alison has always had a research basis to her practice and is active in the design and implementation of clinical trials. She is also keen to see evidence-based medicine come through from research into practice and work closely within the trusts, and at a regional and national level with organisations such as the London Cancer New Drugs Group and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), to try to ensure the best possible care and access to new treatments.

I have a particular interest in education (medical, allied health professionals and for the general public) and also research interests in breast cancer in younger women including: issues of fertility and pregnancy, survivorship. And, more recently, the issues affecting older women with breast cancer.

Nick Morris

Nick Morris is a Breast cancer Care Trustee

Nick Morris was appointed as a Trustee in September 2013.

Nick is a Fellow of both the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (FRICS) and the Institute of Directors (FIOD) and has held a range of senior international management positions in a successful professional career spanning over 40 years.

Nick recently took early retirement from his position as Managing Director of EMCOR(UK) to live in Cornwall, near St Ives.

I was delighted to be elected as a Trustee of Breast Cancer Care. The culture and vision – focusing on each person affected by breast cancer as an individual and dealing with both the practical and emotional issues that confront them – sits very comfortably with me and I am excited by the opportunity to contribute to their continued success and growth. My appointment as a Trustee has enabled me to witness these values in action and see how deeply they run through the veins of the organisation. I have also been able see how committed and enthusiastic the management, staff and volunteers are. More importantly, I have witnessed the positive impact that Breast Cancer Care can have on people confronted with the devastating news that they have breast cancer.

Jill Pask

Jill Pask is a Breast Cancer Care Trustee

Jill Pask was appointed as a Trustee in 2009.

Jill is a management consultant specialising in strategy development and in portfolio, programme and project management. She has a particular interest in the challenge of identifying and realising the benefits from change programmes. Her earlier career was in the civil service and included providing assurance reviews of some of the public sector’s most high profile projects. Jill was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006.

From the moment I was diagnosed Breast Cancer Care was an amazing source of information and support.  Its powerful combination of personal experience and outstanding clinical expertise enables them to help so many people face their unique experience of this horrible disease. At a time when the number of people diagnosed continues to rise and over half a million people are now living with and beyond a diagnosis, there has never been a more pressing need for Breast Cancer Care’s services. I feel very privileged to be part of such a wonderful organisation and honoured to be a Trustee.

Sybil Roach-Tennant

Sybil Roach-Tennant is a Breast Cancer Care Trustee

Sybil Roach-Tennant was appointed as a Trustee in 2008.

Sybil was born in rural Jamaica and lived in Kingston before immigrating to England at the age of 10. Married and blessed only with other people's children, she was able to invest her time in a rewarding career within the caring profession, working her way through the finger-painting years as a nursery nurse to a strategic management position as an assistant director.

Sybil worked for many years in the Children and Families section of Social Services. Sybil is now a self-employed Project Management Consultant and has sat on a number of management committees namely, the Education Sub-Committee (schools) the Law Centre, Victim Support, Family Service Unit (FSU) the Sheffield and District African Caribbean Community Association, Sheffield Council for Racial Equality and the St William Foundation.

My eldest sister died from breast cancer in 1998 and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2005. I am delighted to have been appointed as one of the Trustees so that I can contribute towards Breast Cancer Care giving women the support they need.

Catherine Young, Chair, Audit and Assurance Committee (non-trustee)

Catherine Young  was appointed as Chair of the Audit and Assurance Committee in 2008.

Catherine is an audit and assurance partner in an independent firm of chartered accountants in Newcastle. In 2006 she started a support network specifically for charities and not-for-profit organisations, and has since hosted seminars and events for both trustees and executive staff on a broad range of topics. Before this she worked in corporate governance and internal audit in a listed company and also in audit and assurance in two international firms of accountants.

My mother has had breast cancer twice, most recently in 2006, and is currently well. My mother-in-law died in 2005 from a metastatic brain tumour following breast cancer in 1997. My greatest understanding of the importance of quality care for breast cancer patients has possibly come from supporting a close friend with a young family through surgery and treatment for breast cancer and later reconstructive surgery.

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