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We receive committed project investment and multi-year grants from a range of funders focused on improving health and wellbeing across the UK. Grants can be put to use locally, helping us to provide our face-to-face support services, or could make a valuable contribution towards the ongoing delivery of our national Helpline.

As we strive to be there for every person affected by the harsh realities of breast cancer across the UK, long-term pledged funds from Charitable Foundations and Trusts have never been more important.

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The Hodge Foundation: Helping us provide specialist support in Wales

Around 1 in 5 women are likely to develop lymphoedema as a result of surgery or radiotherapy for breast cancer.

In September 2016 the Hodge Foundation made an incredible three-year pledge to fund Breast Cancer Care Cymru’s participation in the NHS Reducing the Risk of Lymphoedema sessions in Wales.

The sessions provide information, practical guidance and support about reducing the risk and recognising signs and symptoms of lymphoedema. It also acts as a gateway to other free services, delivered in partnership with the NHS and offered by Breast Cancer Care. Patients attending these sessions have the opportunity to talk to trained volunteers in peer support, from people who have also had a diagnosis of breast cancer. 

The Hodge Foundation, established in 1962 by Sir Julian Hodge, supports a broad range of charities, including those improving health and wellbeing for the people of Wales. As the NHS expands its delivery of this crucial service across Wales, the Foundation’s incredible investment is enabling Breast Cancer Care Cymru to be there for more women affected by lymphoedema after breast cancer.

With their help we can provide tailored information and empowering peer support to help women in Wales adapt to a ‘new normal'.

We are truly proud to support the important work of Breast Cancer Cymru.

Karen Hodge, Foundation Trustee

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If you are a Trustee of a Charitable Trust or Foundation and would like to know more about the ways you could support Breast Cancer Care, please contact Olivia Dunstone:

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