The Cornerstone Collective

What is The Cornerstone Collective?

The Cornerstone Collective is a group of extraordinary supporters, who have come together to accelerate Breast Cancer Care towards its mission:

To be there for every woman facing breast cancer with the care, support and information she needs.    

With a specific focus on our valuable face to face group support services, The Collective’s aim is to support each and every woman living with breast cancer, to help empower her to navigate the new world that she finds herself in.

How to become a member of The Cornerstone Collective

Members can contribute £5,000 or £10,000 per year although many choose to give £50,000 or more.

Paul Pester, Patron of The Cornerstone Collective

Paul Pester
Chair, The Cornerstone Collective
Chief Executive, TSB Banking Group plc

Many of us have or will have had mothers, wives, sisters, daughters or close friends affected by breast cancer, and will know that having someone there on the journey to provide care, support and information can make all the difference. Join me and other Cornerstone Collective members now to help Breast Cancer Care be there for every woman facing breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Care is hugely grateful to the current members of The Cornerstone Collective:

Paul Pester, Chair and Patron
Mark Astaire
CAERUS Capital
Paul Cassidy
Siobhan Greene
Tracy De Groose
Chris Harrison
Lori Meakin
Caroline Marsh
Mary Mayall 
Anne O'Neill
Angela Quinn
The Saracens Sport Foundation, Patron

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Cornerstone Collective form

Cornerstone Collective form

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