Unite with us for World Cancer Day on 4 February

Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate. 1 in 8 women in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

By supporting us today, you can help us provide hope for the future with Breast Cancer Now. 


I would like to give:

Support for today, hope for the future.

On 4 February each year we unite to support anyone affected by cancer.

Join us and support more people going through one of the most difficult times in their life.

Sania, Junior Doctor
I’d never experienced anything like this before in my profession, It’s taught me a lot about being a patient. Going through breast cancer has brought out a side of me I’m proud of. I feel a lot less afraid of things than I was before.

Sania, Junior Doctor

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Breast cancer doesn't discriminate

Bal, lawyer

Bal, Lawyer

'I’m a person, a mother and a sister. Certain things can get pushed aside during treatment, if you let them.'

Meredith, Pupil Barrister

Meredith, Pupil Barrister

'Adjusting to a life that is different to how I had imagined is daunting. But although my future looks different, I'm adapting.'

Leonie, Single Mother

Leonie, single mother

'I'm a single mother, I'm from Lewisham, I have osteoporosis and I have breast cancer.' 

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Your donation can...

Moving Forward after breast cancer

Help people move beyond their treatment

Our Moving Forward courses provide practical tips on managing side effects and finding a 'new normal'.

Get support for living with secondary breast cancer

Support people with a secondary diagnosis

Our monthly sessions allow people to talk openly in a safe space with others who may share their experience.

Someone Like Me

Connect people who have similar experiences

We put people in touch with a trained volunteer to discuss anything from genetic testing to fertility concerns.

A woman on a laptop

Provide 24 hour support across the country

Our online Forum community and app, BECCA, can offer support at any time of day, wherever someone may be.

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I can...

Find support

Know that I'm not alone

Find support that's right for you.

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Be kind to myself

Share my story

Have a chat with our press team.

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Help others find support

Help others find support

Unite with us this World Cancer Day.

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We can unite this World Cancer Day

On 1 April, Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now are uniting so that everyone affected by breast cancer can get the very best care and support today, and hope for the future that research will discover better ways to prevent, detect and treat breast cancer.