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Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, with around 60,000 people diagnosed each year. We believe that everyone facing breast cancer deserves access to the care and support that they need.

By getting involved you can help us take action to ensure everyone affected by breast cancer receives the best care possible.

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Campaign focus: Secondary. Not Second Rate.

Recently we've been campaigning to improve care for people with incurable secondary breast cancer.

We know that many people aren't given enough support or information around their diagnosis and treatment, despite the tremendous impact it has on their lives and those around them.

Our research has found that:

1. Over half of people with incurable breast cancer didn’t know how to spot the signs and symptoms of the disease.

2. Two thirds of Hospital Trusts in England don’t know how many of their patients have secondary breast cancer.

3. Three quarters of NHS Trusts and Health Boards say there is not enough specialist nursing care for people with incurable secondary breast cancer.

It’s clear that too many people with secondary breast cancer aren't getting good enough care and support when they need it most. 

Find out more about the Secondary. Not Second Rate. campaign.