Ask your MP to support the Secondary Support Package

Ask your MP

While we offer unique services for women with secondary breast cancer, we know that most people are still not receiving the ongoing, specialised support they need when they are diagnosed with this disease.

Ask your MP to support the Secondary Support Package that will ensure people living with secondary breast cancer access the vital care they need.


Incurable shouldn't mean unsupported

We want everyone with secondary breast cancer to have access to a Secondary Support Package from the point of diagnosis to help them to live well with breast cancer. Ask your MP to support the package today.

Jo with her mum and dad, Norman and Pam
My whole life and the lives of those around me fell apart and changed forever. Following my diagnosis, in the space of a 20-minute consultation, I felt I lost my identity and my future with those I love.

Jo, diagnosed aged 40

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The need for better care

72 percent

of hospital organisations in England, Scotland and Wales do not give people access to a dedicated secondary breast care nurse.

Two fifths

of hospital organisations across the UK could not tell us how many secondary breast cancer patients are currently under their care.

70 percent

of hospital organisations across the UK do not assess people’s emotional and physical needs when diagnosed and as their treatment changes.

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treatments for secondary breast cancer

A Secondary Support Package for everyone

We want everyone diagnosed to have a Secondary Support Package embedded in their treatment. This would ensure that everyone has a discussion about their physical and emotional needs with a healthcare professional, has access to a nurse specialist, is referred to specialist services if needed and can access a health and wellbeing event.

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Download our reports

Throughout our Secondary. Not Second Rate. campaign we've put together reports of the standards of care for people living with secondary breast cancer.

Get support for living with secondary breast cancer

Get support

If you've had a secondary breast cancer diagnosis and would like information or support, find out more about our Living With Secondary Breast Cancer meet-ups.

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