Younger women with breast cancer

Around 5,600 women aged under 45 are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, and their needs are not being met, particularly fertility issues.

Some cancer treatments can have a devastating effect on a woman’s fertility, in some cases stopping them from having children in the future. Read Rachael’s story about her struggle to get fertility treatment funded after her breast cancer treatment.

What we want

  • We want healthcare professionals to offer all younger breast cancer patients a referral to a fertility clinic at the point of diagnosis.
  • We want to raise awareness among oncologists, surgeons and nurses of the need to discuss with their patients how treatment for breast cancer may affect their fertility.
  • We want all breast cancer units to adopt our Standards of Care for younger women with breast cancer. 

You can read more about our standards of care for younger women in our free booklet, Care and support for younger women with breast cancer.