Celebrate every Mum of a Kind this Mother's Day

For mums who are still mothering and mums who have been lost, Mother's Day is a chance to celebrate them all. Join us on Sunday 11 March 2018 and tell us why yours is Mum of a Kind.

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Kally and her sons
I have one photo of my mum, but she's always in my heart. I have always wondered if we are alike. I needed a mum, and I needed to talk about it. Through my sons I have been able to. When I was diagnosed myself I was terrified that my sons would be left alone. But we've got through it as a family, and I am immensely proud of them.


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Kally, and her sons, Kyran and Indi
Because of how my mum has raised me I have always been a positive person. I knew that we could get through it together. There are a million reasons why my mum is #MumOfAKind! She's worked so hard for everything that she has. She has shown us how to love. My family is my priority, and that's all because of my mum.

Kyran, Kally's son

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Share your #MumOfAKind story and celebrate every mum this Mother's Day.