This year we have 32 fantastic models ready to rock the catwalk at The Show 2018!

We are delighted to introduce to you the 32 fantastic women and men who will be taking to the catwalk for the first time at Breast Cancer Care's The Show in association with Dorothy Perkins, following their own diagnosis of breast cancer. Read on to find out more about each of our wonderful models before the big day.

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Georgina Baker

Georgina Baker, 61

'I discovered a lump in my right breast on 1 January 2012 and was diagnosed within a couple of weeks. I had a mastectomy in February 2012 and started chemo in the March. My hobby is self-enquiry and meditation.'

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Chris Barr

Chris Barr, 64

'At the time of diagnosis I didn’t know men could get breast cancer, it was a shock which is why I have tried to raise awareness of men with breast cancer.’


Julie Brandram Jones

Julie Brandram Jones, 59

'Since my cancer treatment finished I am determined to live a good and happy life and being chosen as a catwalk model in The Show is awesome, I can’t wait!'

Petrina Brealy

Petrina Brealy, 47

'What an honour! Life with a secondary breast cancer diagnosis is challenging but I’m thrilled to have the chance to show the world that it can still be fabulous.'

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Cliona Brown

Cliona Jones, 25

'As a reception class teacher I’m usually dressed down, so I am really excited to get dressed up and walk the catwalk to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer Care.'

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Joanna Crabtree

Joanna Crabtree, 52

'This year has been tough, since being diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. I’m really looking forward to taking part, as I can exchange hospital gowns for gorgeous catwalk clothes!'

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Yetunde Daramola

Yetunde Daramola, 53

'I am so excited and nervous to have been chosen as a model for this year’s event. Since completing breast cancer treatment, I always felt cheated by cancer as my life has not been the same. I am so grateful to my three children who were my main reason for fighting cancer.'

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Christine Davies

Christine Davies, 62

'Excited, nervous, apprehensive, thrilled, honoured, humbled - these are a few of the words that describe how I feel about modelling at The Show.'

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Caroline Dennis

Caroline Dennis, 63

'Losing my hair, eyelashes and eyebrows while facing a double mastectomy was de-feminising. I look forward to celebrating my rebuilt image with other proud ladies (and men) on the glam catwalk!'


Kylie Dobbs

Kylie Dobbs, 36

'I'm doing this for my five-year-old son to show him there is life after cancer, and a fulfilling one. Cancer removed my sense of fear and replaced it with 'let's do this!'

Eniye Erabor

Eniye Erabor, 30

'I am very excited about The Show, even though I'm quite nervous. I am proud to be among inspirational models. Together we can encourage others who face breast cancer.'

Kim Feast

Kim Feast, 34

'Being part of this event is an honour and I'm excited to walk the catwalk in front of my friends and family who have been with me throughout my treatment.''


Beverley Foster

Beverley Foster, 75

'My mother and sister both had breast cancer in their early 60s, and it was a case of third time unlucky when I was diagnosed with DCIS in April 2015.'


Shampa Gupta, 37

'Being part of this event is an honour and I'm excited to walk the catwalk in front of my friends and family who have been with me throughout my treatment.'

Michele Harvey

Michele Harvey, 50

'Being somewhat of a tomboy my friends and family will be delighted to see me 'strut my stuff' down the catwalk. They will also be very proud as it’s been a tough journey but this will prove that cancer is a battle that can be won.'

Rowan Hostler

Rowan Hostler, 49

'I have always loved dressing up and I can’t wait to take part in The Show to inspire others touched by cancer and to show that we can kick it.'

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Karen Jackson

Karen Jackson, 60

'I'm a ‘bionic belle’ who embraces love and opportunities while living with breast cancer. Excited to strut the catwalk to inspire others affected, showing what seems impossible is possible.'

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Jacqui Jackson

Jacqui Johnson, 51

'It has been 20 years since my breast cancer diagnosis. I am so thankful and proud to be stood here today hoping to inspire people with my story.'


Toria Kendrick

Toria Kendrick, 40

'My family (especially my fabulous little girl Daisy) and friends were everything when I was diagnosed and then treated for breast cancer. I am beyond excited to be doing this event and sharing it with them.'

Stephanie Lennard

Stephanie Lennard, 28

'I’m thrilled to be in the company of such an inspirational group of women and men as we come together, to support this most worthwhile cause.'


Heather Lodder

Heather Lodder, 58

'I’m excited and terrified of strutting my stuff down a catwalk but I learned to look on the bright side of my cancer - so I’m sure I can do this and hopefully help raise lots of money too!'

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Lauren McDonald

Lauren McDonald, 32

'My friends and family have been incredible since my diagnosis and I can’t wait to walk down the catwalk to show them how strong I’ve become.'

Sarah Partridge

Sarah Partridge, 44

'Prior to cancer, I was the original glamour puss. Today is a celebration of my renewed health and vigour, propelled by the support of my family and friends.'

Claire Pickerill

Claire Pickerill, 41

'I'm mum to a four-year-old and a two-year-old year and don’t do glamorous and I certainly don’t do modelling! But, sometimes you have to grasp all opportunities in life – cancer taught me that.'

Jennie Saunders

Jennie Saunders, 44

'Treatment has taken its toll on my confidence. The Show is a challenge I’m looking forward to. I will be forever grateful to my family and friends for their support.'

Louise Stewart

Louise Stewart, 46

''I’m really excited about taking part in The Show. I love clothes, shoes – fashion generally - but having breast cancer can really affect your confidence and I think taking part in this show will give all the models a huge boost.'

Suzanne Stolberg

Suzanne Stolberg, 56

'Being told I had breast cancer was such a huge shock - but now I make the most of every day. Strutting my stuff down the catwalk shows my family and friends that I'm doing just that.'


Lurline Thomas

Lurline Thomas, 55

'My cancer journey has been hard, but I have refused to be overcome by it. I hope to inspire and encourage others with my smile on the catwalk.'

Carol Turansky

Carol Turansky, 71

'Diagnosed 2003. ‘Strength doesn't come from what you can do  - but from overcoming the things you thought you couldn't.’ Anon. And here I am, sashaying down a catwalk!'

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Peter Vickers

Peter Vickers, 59 

'I am very excited about The Show London. When I was diagnosed, I was stunned, I was expecting it to be nothing. It’s important for men to talk about their health more.'



Alison Willis

Alison Willis, 53

'I will certainly need my big girl brave pants on for the catwalk, but they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I’m ready to shine!'








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