This year we have 31 fantastic models ready to rock the catwalk at The Show 2019!

We are delighted to introduce to you the 31 fantastic women and men who will be taking to the catwalk for the first time at Breast Cancer Care's The Show, following their own diagnosis of breast cancer. Read on to find out more about each of our wonderful models before the big day.

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Show London Model, Alison Hunter

Alison Hunter, 51

'I’m so overjoyed and extremely happy to be a model in The Show, and be part of a wonderful group of people.'


Show London Model, Alison Szewczyk

Alison Szewczyk, 58

'I’m very grateful to be here with my brilliant husband and two beautiful daughters nine years after my diagnosis. I’m fit, healthy and excited to be raising funds for such a fantastic charity.’


Show London Model, Beverley Griffiths

Beverley Griffiths, 50

'A friend encouraged me to apply for The Show. Although this takes me outside my comfort zone, recovering from breast cancer has made me want to do exactly that. I’m very excited.'

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Show London Model, Beverley Nash

Beverley Nash, 55

'I’m excited, nervous and inspired to be part of The Show.  Comfort zone be gone!  I can’t wait to join my fellow models on the catwalk and to share in this brilliant day.'

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Show London Model, Beverley Rogerson

Beverley Rogerson, 46

'Since diagnosis my body has changed significantly, but I’m still here and going strong. Life is for living and I’m very much looking forward to modelling in The Show!'


Show London Model, Caroline Humber

Caroline Humber, 48

'I’m excited to be part of The Show! Being diagnosed with breast cancer was like a lightning bolt – I was fearful for my family. I want to prove that it’s possible to still love life.'

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Show London Model, Catherine Gallagher

Catherine Gallagher, 63

'Although I'm scared about taking to the catwalk, it'll be a dream come true. I'm excited and thankful that Breast Cancer Care has given me the opportunity to fulfil this dream.'



Show London Model, Craig Heartley

Craig Hartley, 49

'I feel very privileged and excited to be given the opportunity to take part as a model in The Show. I aim to raise awareness of breast cancer and funds for Breast Cancer Care.'


Show London Model, David Aggett

David Aggett, 49

'Four years ago I never thought I’d be stepping out on a catwalk in London; then again I never thought I’d get breast cancer.'

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Show London Model, Deborah Ashley

Debbi Ashley, 61

'This year is my 10-year cancerversary and I’ve finally got my ‘happy’ back. Being a model is my way of celebrating such milestones and I can’t wait to strut my stuff down the catwalk.'

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Show London Model, Eila Petty

Eila Petty, 51

'As a single mum, I was devastated when I was diagnosed and worried for my daughters, Melissa and Brittany. I’m happy and excited to be one of the models as I have a passion for fashion.'

Show London Model, Eve Bampton-Wilton

Eve Bampton-Wilton, 29

'I’m excited to be joining this inspirational group of people to remind myself what cancer gave me, not what it’s taken away. It proves I can learn to love the new me.'


Show London Model, Heather Willows

Heather Willows, 61

'I’m determined to enjoy life to the full, try new things and experiences, and push the boundaries of my comfort zone. I’m nervous, excited and so thankful to be modelling in The Show.'

Show London Model, Helen Blackmore

Helen Blackmore, 44

'What an opportunity! It's been a long time since I’ve put on my heels and lippy. I’m very excited to be taking part in an amazing event for such a worthy cause.'

Show London Model, Jacqueline Scheuringer

Jacqueline Scheuringer, 66

'I had amazing support from my husband, friends and family. Tucked into my ‘going home information’ was a leaflet about Breast Cancer Care. I’ve tried to support the charity as much as possible since.'

Show London Model, Jazz Cooper

Jazz Cooper, 50

'Having volunteered at six shows, I am absolutely thrilled, and ever so slightly nervous, to be modelling this year. A fantastic way to celebrate my 10-year cancerversary and turning 50.'

Show London Model, Jennifer Sheard

Jennifer Sheard, 61

'I’m thrilled to be taking part in this wonderful event and to be able to spread the word concerning the importance of positivity and encouragement from family and friends in addressing this disease.'



Show London Model, Joanne Herridge

Joanne Herridge, 52

'Being told I had breast cancer was devastating, but I got up, brushed myself down and took everything it threw at me. I’m still here, stronger and loving life.'

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Show London Model, Kally Dhaliwal

Kally Dhaliwal, 54

'It’s just over one year since I was diagnosed. One of my missions is to help as many people as I can survive breast cancer, that’s why I’ve signed up to do The Show.'


Show London Model, Kathryn Taylor

Kathryn Taylor, 62

'Having breast cancer has made me appreciate how precious life is. I’m living it to the full, visiting new places and doing things that I would never have done before.'



Show London Model, Keely Joseph

Keely Joseph, 36

'Going through treatment changed me and took away the little self-confidence I had. Modelling in The Show is a chance for me to prove to myself just how amazing I actually am.'

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Show London Model, Lea Craven

Lea French, 29

'I’m so excited to be a part of The Show. Cancer has impacted my life in so many ways, but it’s taught me resilience and to do things that scare you, as life is precious.'

Show London Model, Leanne Pero

Leanne Pero, 33

'I found the breast cancer diagnosis difficult but also life transforming. I can’t wait to strut down that catwalk and represent all the underrepresented BAME female cancer warriors who often feel excluded.'

Show London Model, Mary Martin

Mary Martin, 72

'Being part of The Show with my daughter, Beverley, is such an amazing opportunity. It’s something positive following our awful 2018 when we were both diagnosed with breast cancer.'

Show London Model, Natasha Singh

Natasha Singh, 36

'Having dreamt of being model since a young age, it’s pretty cool that my dream is coming true, something I would have never considered after my breast cancer diagnosis.'

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Show London Model, Rebecca Acutt

Rebecca Acutt, 37

'Diagnosed aged 34, at the same time as my mum having ovarian cancer, mum of three children. When I heard the words ‘triple negative breast cancer’ my world tumbled on its head.'

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Show London Model, Samantha Bell

Samantha Bell, 31

'I’m really proud to be part of The Show, raising awareness (and money) alongside other incredible models. Although I haven’t worn heels since being diagnosed – I best get practicing!'

Show London Model, Sarah Gaeta

Sarah Gaeta, 46

'I'm thrilled to be modelling in The Show and want to prove that you can regain your confidence after the physical and emotional rollercoaster of a breast cancer diagnosis.'

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Show London Model, Sharan Sinclair

Sharan Sinclair, 44 

'Diagnosed at 43, my word fell apart. Having to tell my teenage daughters about my diagnosis was something I never dreamed would happen.'



Show London Model, Susan Katz

Susan Katz, 75

'I was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 55. After the shock of diagnosis and subsequent surgery, I just want to get back to being me.'

Show London Model, Yola Garawal

Yola Garawal, 49 

'I feel honoured and overjoyed to be a model at The Show. It’s an incredibly positive event that highlights life through the participation of all the amazing people who model in it.'







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