Pink Ribbon Tour - UK

A nationwide movement on the Pink Ribbon Tour

For 25 years the Pink Ribbon has been a symbol of hope, strength and unity for everyone affected by breast cancer.

This summer around 1,000 women cycled 25km through central London in celebration of the Pink Ribbon on the morning of The Women's Tour final track.

Now we want the rest of the country to join in! We'll soon be launching a new cycling event, so you can ride your way wherever you are. 

25 years of the pink ribbon

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the pink ribbon, a powerful symbol for millions, we're sharing inspirational stories from friends, family, women and men affected by breast cancer.

Join us in supporting them and wear your ribbon, raising awareness together.

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Pink Ribbon Tour - Nadjie's story


When something traumatic happens in your life, you have to find a way to cope. For me, having breast cancer, it was cycling. Through chemotherapy, surgery and a mastectomy, I cycled my way through - wearing pink lipstick along the way!

Nadjie, Pink Ribbon Tour rider

Join Nadjie on the Pink Ribbon Tour


Breast Cancer Care were at my side from day one. They gave me the knowledge and support to help me over each hurdle, whether it was information about my treatment, courses to help me through the side effects, or helping me return to ‘normal’ life afterwards.

Support Nadjie and wear your limited edition pink ribbon.

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Pink Ribbon Tour - London social feed


See photos from London's Pink Ribbon Tour and others around the UK.

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