As a Breast Cancer Care volunteer we want to give you the confidence and knowledge you need to get the most out of your role.

We’ll be on hand to offer you lots of support, including:

  • inviting you to a Welcome Workshop
  • providing comprehensive training specific to your role
  • sending you volunteer toolkit containing information on Breast Cancer Care’s key messages
  • making sure you have support from a volunteer manager or nominated member of staff
  • setting you up with a ‘buddy’ – so you can talk to another volunteer who has been involved in similar activities
  • refunding all reasonable expenses (such as travel and sometimes refreshments)
  • giving access to a network of other volunteers and the opportunity to meet in person
  • sending you our six-monthly bulletin detailing volunteers’ activities, local and national events and other achievements
  • giving you access to a private online forum for volunteers to join discussions
  • inviting you to our yearly regional volunteer conference to network and meet with other volunteers

You may need to attend ongoing training to keep your skills fresh, and to help you to develop as a Breast Cancer Care volunteer.

We also ask that you keep us up to date on your volunteering achievements on a regular basis. This means sending us monthly activity reports and expense forms. This information helps us show the impact you have made, as well as providing crucial information that helps us plan our work.