I'd like to make a comment, compliment or complaint. Can I?

Yes. Visit our feedback page to find out more.

What has changed on the site and why?

The main change on the site is that the navigation is simpler and it will be easy to use on mobiles or tablets. The site search works well, and some of the text has been rewritten to make it easier to understand, or unnecessary text has been removed.

The previous site was not designed with the user in mind which meant a lot of the information was scattered, and parts of the site too cluttered. The technical foundation was not solid enough for us to improve the site for now and the future, we were worried the site may ‘fall over’.

Does the new site have new or different information?

Most of the information has been retained, although in many cases it has been simplified and reworded. We have removed a few parts which we could see (from previous site activity) were never used. We have introduced an easier way of searching on local service events, fundraising and volunteering opportunities.

Why does some content look different?

The new site still uses our brand, but we have changed what colours we use where, how buttons look etc. In many cases the layout of individual pages may have changed, and some new images used. This is partly a result of a general refresh of the pages, but also to allow the pages to adjust for mobiles.

Are there more changes planned? If so, when?

Once the new site is live, we want to keep the momentum going and keep improving. Long term this will not just be adding to the information that is there, but also using it to improve our online services. We will continue to use information on how the site is used to inform this activity, as well as your feedback.

Is there a mobile version?

Yes, it is responsive to mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop and will resize accordingly.

Why have you rearranged the home page?

The homepage has been simplified. There are fewer options and less distracting information. If someone is unfamiliar with the site, we want to make the decisions simpler and more logical for how they should navigate through.

Has the address of the website remained the same? Will my bookmarks still work?

The main www.breastcancercare.org.uk address is unchanged, however some of the sections below may have changed. For example http://www.breastcancercare.org.uk/breast-cancer-information has become http://www.breastcancercare.org.uk/information-support. The change is a result of our change to the navigation through the pages. If you have old sections bookmarked, we have mapped them to the new site structure so you will automatically be redirected. We are also keeping an eye on any we have missed, but do let us know if you spot anything.

Have any main sections of the site changed or been deleted?

No sections have been deleted, but some have been moved or renamed.

How can I find what I need on the site?

There is a search box at the top of each page – using this will shortlist a lot of relevant content. The menu navigation is simple to use, and there is also a site map: http://www.breastcancercare.org.uk/sitemap

Were supporters involved in deciding what should change? How were they recruited?

Yes, we interviewed a cross section of people including service users and fundraisers. We also had some people who came along to help with testing of the designs. We recruited people through Voices, our fundraising lists and on social media (Twitter and Facebook).

Where did the money come from? Has it been diverted from other important services?

Each year we allocate money raised across our services, the website continues to be an important service that we offer, providing information and support to the public. The money was allocated to the new website, whilst balancing priorities across all of our support services.

How can I let you know what I think of the changes?

We have set up a feedback form. Do tell us what you think – we will read and consider all comments. We are sorry we can’t promise to reply to individual feedback.

Has my user name and password changed?

If you were registered on the old site, you will still be registered on the new site. However you will be prompted to reset your password, and you will be sent an email to support you through that process.

Why am I unable to log into my account on the new site? Do I need to re-register?

Your password will need resetting. Try to log in with your old details and follow the instructions on screen and in the email you will be sent.

I am registered on the forum, does this mean any change for me?

On day 1 there will be no change, but we are working on linking the two sites so that in future you will only have to remember one logon.

What if I do not have an email address?

You can use our site without logging on, or providing an email address. However if you want to register for an event online, or order our publications, we do need an email address.

I have already registered for a service or fundraising event, will I need to re-register?

No, any form you filled in on the old site will not have been lost.

Is the site designed just for large screens and latest internet browsers?

The site should work with all screen sizes, different devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) and multiple browsers. If you are using Internet Explorer, the site will work best with version 9 and above. Versions 7 and 8 will work, but they will not give you the best experience. If it is possible, we recommend that you upgrade to a more recent version.

I also offer support to those facing breast cancer, will you feature me on your new site?

We prefer to link to registered charities and partners.

There is something broken with the site, how do I report it?

If you can use the feedback link to contact us, we’d be really grateful. As much information you can provide as possible will help us – what browser you are using, what you were doing when you got the error, and what the error was.