Clinical trials

Clinical trials are research studies that look at different aspects of patient care. They are a routine part of the work of specialist breast cancer centres.

The results of past clinical trials help doctors give you advice on your current treatment.

You may have heard about a clinical trial that you would like to take part in, or your doctors may have offered you the opportunity to take part in a trial if you’re eligible. 

Whatever your situation, deciding what to do can be very difficult, particularly as information about clinical trials can be confusing. It may also be hard to absorb extra information when you have already been given a lot of information about treatments.

If you’re interested in taking part in a trial, talk it through with your cancer specialist, who is most familiar with your medical history. They’ll be aware of the major breast cancer trials that are currently in progress and which ones are happening in your area. They can advise you according to your situation.

Last reviewed: June 2016
Next planned review begins June 2018

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