Side effects

Breast cancer treatments can cause both temporary side effects that stop soon after treatment finishes and longer-term side effects.

Ongoing side effects, such as hot flushes or fatigue (extreme tiredness), can stop you feeling that you’re moving forward after treatment. For some people, they’re a constant reminder of their breast cancer.

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Hormone therapies can be used to block the effect of oestrogen on cancer cells.

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Menopausal symptoms are possible side effects of several different treatments for breast cancer.

Fatigue is extreme tiredness and exhaustion. It doesn’t always go away with rest or sleep and may affect you physically and emotionally.

Some treatments for breast cancer may cause pain while you’re having them or for some time afterwards. Find out about different types of pain and how it can be managed.

Some treatments for breast cancer can affect the health of your bones.

People with breast cancer have a high risk of blood clots, due to the cancer itself as well as treatment. Read more at Breast Cancer Care.