Being the partner of someone with breast cancer can be very difficult. Many people refer to the experience as a ‘rollercoaster ride’. The high and low feelings you may go through, including shock, anger, acceptance, fear, relief, anxiety and strength, can have a huge impact, both physically and emotionally.

The kind of relationship you and your partner share can affect the way you deal with their diagnosis, both together and individually. Some couples find that the situation brings them closer together while others, especially those who were experiencing problems before the diagnosis, find it drives them apart.

You may find that because your circumstances have changed people, including your partner, family, work colleagues and even your friends, may have new or different expectations of you. What you expect of yourself as a partner may also change. It can be a demanding time and to cope well it is important to look after yourself as much as those around you.

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Last reviewed: May 2014
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