Ann gives eight tips that she would have told herself when she was first diagnosed and terrified of what the future might bring.

Personal story | 23 October 2018

8 in 10 women experience anxiety after breast cancer

A round-up of the latest news about breast cancer research, treatments and side effects.

Breast Cancer Care | 8 November 2018


After losing her breast, her hair, and her sense of immortality and youth, Ann describes how she grieved her losses after treatment ended.

Personal story | 7 November 2018

Eve had breast cancer and is also blind.

Eve’s fingers numbed due to treatment, and for six months she struggled to go about her daily life. She shares how she coped.

Personal story | 6 November 2018

Diana had a single mastectomy

Diana struggled to find a sports bra after she had a mastectomy, and asks why women aren’t encouraged to love their bodies as they are.

Personal story | 3 November 2018

Janet and her daughter

Janet was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. She talks about her ongoing treatment, and how her friends and family keeping her busy has helped her cope.

Personal story | 21 October 2018


After one and a half years living with secondary breast cancer, Charlie sadly died earlier this year. She worked with us to tell her story.

Personal story | 19 October 2018

Katie and her sister Charlotte

After Katie’s mum and half-sister were diagnosed with breast cancer, she and her sister discovered they all had the altered BRCA2 gene.

Personal story | 18 October 2018

Hannah and her daughter Poppy

Hannah, a mum-of-one, was diagnosed straight away with incurable, secondary breast cancer almost three years ago.

Personal story | 16 October 2018

Jo with her husband Martin

Jo, who was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer aged 40, talks about the need for specialist care.

Personal story | 13 October 2018