Tune in to our podcast focusing on the power of storytelling and the positive impact it can have during and after breast cancer treatment.

Personal story | 4 April 2019

Jackie at a Big Half this year

Exercise helped Jackie move forward from her diagnosis. In a series of short clips, she shares her top tips for exercising both during and after treatment.

Personal story | 25 March 2019

Leanne built her own community after her diagnosis

After her treatment, Leanne felt completely alone in how she was feeling. She's since set up Black Women Rising, a project to get black women talking about their breast cancer experience. 

Personal story | 21 March 2019

Helena before surgery

Helena didn’t know anything about breast cancer until she was diagnosed. Now she’s sharing her experience to help raise awareness.

Personal story | 20 March 2019

Francesca and Fiona

We talk to Francesca and Fiona, Kally and Amanda about their stories of motherhood and breast cancer.

Personal story | 20 March 2019

Hair loss tips for all seasons

Living in a country with a changeable climate can be a challenge if you have hair loss. We have some tips whatever the weather.

Breast Cancer Care | 18 March 2019


Karen struggled with grief for her pre-mastectomy body. She shares how she processed her emotions.

Personal story | 14 March 2019


Juliet thought having a breast reconstruction was inevitable. She tells about the moment she decided to live flat-chested.

Personal story | 14 March 2019

Tracey returned to work after her diagnosis

Tracey shares what helped her returned to work after her secondary breast cancer diagnosis.

Personal story | 13 March 2019

Clare three years on from her diagnosis

Three years on, Clare looks back at her breast cancer diagnosis and shares how it has changed her.

Personal story | 11 March 2019