Tune in to our podcast focusing on the power of storytelling and the positive impact it can have during and after breast cancer treatment.

Personal story | 4 April 2019

Find out about the NHS Long Term Plan

Find out what the NHS Long Term Plan includes, how it affects people with breast cancer, and how you can get involved with campaigning for further action.

Breast Cancer Care | 18 January 2019

Stella smiling

We speak to Stella about about getting back into exercise and getting fit again after treatment for primary breast cancer.  

Personal story | 18 January 2019

Group of women from October 2017 thread

After recieving support from the Forum, Kirsten and Michelle explain why they are taking part in a Pink Ribbon Walk.

Personal story | 17 January 2019

Sara and her family

Sara, Rebecca and Della talk about their relationship with exercise throughout and beyond their breast cancer treatment.

Personal story | 16 January 2019

Woman exercising at the gym

Della was shocked when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She explains how exercise helped her regain confidence and feel better after treatment finished.

Personal story | 15 January 2019

Edwina in hospital receiving treatment

Yoga gave Edwina strength when she struggled with mental health issues. She gives her tips on getting started.

Personal story | 15 January 2019

Rebecca having treatment 2019

Rebecca shares her tips on how she reclaimed her body from cancer after her secondary diagnosis, and how doing so has empowered her.

Personal story | 11 January 2019

Improving care and support for secondary breast cancer

Find out more about our updated and revised toolkit for nurses working with secondary breast cancer patients. 

Breast Cancer Care | 10 January 2019

Becca and her mum

After her mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, Becca took part in a Pink Ribbon Walk to show her support. 

Personal story | 8 January 2019