Breast cancer doesn't discriminate

Breast cancer doesn't discriminate. This World Cancer Day we're sharing Bal and Sania's stories.

Personal story | 4 February 2019

Jenny and her husband at a wedding

Jenny, one of our Show Scotland models, struggled with fatigue and body confidence after breast cancer treatment. She shares how embracing new challenges and opportunities has helped her move forward.

Personal story | 10 October 2018

Group of women smiling together

After making lifelong friends on Breast Cancer Care’s Forum, Karen found the support she gained was worth more than anything cancer could take away.

Personal story | 9 October 2018

image of woman outside

The vaccine for the flu virus is often free to those with breast cancer, or undergoing cancer treatments. Learn here if the flu jab would be appropriate for you.

Breast Cancer Care | 8 October 2018

Sarah Jane running in the London Marathon

When Sarah Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer, she felt like she lost control of her body. She explains how running helped her cope with her treatment.

Personal story | 6 October 2018


Della was diagnosed in 2010. This Breast Cancer Awareness Month she’s working to increase awareness and improve care for women with breast cancer.

Personal story | 3 October 2018

A collage of 40 women who have contributed to Sara's video

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Sara asked other women diagnosed to send her videos of life with breast cancer. Their clips show the real impact of living with the disease.

Personal story | 3 October 2018

Lauren at the hospital during treatment

When Lauren’s treatment finished she thought she’d be overjoyed, but instead struggled with anxiety. She explains why she’s campaigning for better Care After Breast Cancer.

Personal story | 29 September 2018

Kaz recently returned to work

Kaz struggled with anxiety when she returned to work after treatment. She shares how she transitioned back to the workplace, and how a new-found routine helped her move forward.

Personal story | 26 September 2018

Kaz offers five tips for going back to work
Kaz shares her top five tips for reclaiming your work routine after treatment ends.

Personal story | 26 September 2018