Tune in to our podcast focusing on the power of storytelling and the positive impact it can have during and after breast cancer treatment.

Personal story | 4 April 2019

A Breast Cancer Care runner ties her shoe laces in preparation

Did you know that increasing your physical activity can help you manage ongoing side effects after breast cancer such as menopausal symptoms lymphoedema and fatigue?

Breast Cancer Care | 2 January 2014

Lots of people are surprised to find out that men can have breast cancer too. This is because we don’t usually think of men as having breasts but both men and women have breast tissue.

Breast Cancer Care | 30 December 2013

A new storyline in Eastenders has begun focusing on much-loved character Carol Jackson played by Lindsey Coulson and a breast cancer scare.

Last week Carol was shown feeling her breasts for an unusual change and tonight sees her go through the process of reporting this change to a GP and being referred to a breast care unit for tests.

Breast Cancer Care | 17 December 2013

As we come towards the end of 2013 many people will be reflecting on those who have died this year and in years past.

At Breast Cancer Care we want to provide a safe and supportive space to acknowledge people who have died from breast cancer and for everyone on our Forum to share thoughts feelings and reflections. So we'll be opening a special thread between 10am-4pm on Friday 20 December for people to come with dedications thoughts feelings and memories.

Breast Cancer Care | 16 December 2013

Woman with breast cancer rings our Helpline for support and information

Our aim is to be here for every person affected by breast cancer and this support can be vital during the festive period.

Breast Cancer Care | 13 December 2013

As the only specialist breast cancer support charity working across the UK we want to be here with support and information even during the festive period when we know people can sometimes need it more than ever.

In the first of two blogs aiming to help you understand what services we make available for anyone affected by breast cancer over the holidays I asked one of our online discussion forum moderators – Sam – about the team’s work.

Breast Cancer Care | 12 December 2013

‘If pay equalled worth I’d be in a room full of millionaires’ said our Ambassador Amanda Mealing speaking to around 200 breast care nurses at the Breast Cancer Care Annual Conference last month.

Breast Cancer Care | 4 December 2013

Several news sources have reported that a new test could spare thousands of women unnecessary treatment for breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Care | 3 December 2013

A hand holding a pen over a piece of paper

It would mean so much if you were able to make a gift in honour of someone you love so that we can be there for others this Christmas.

Breast Cancer Care | 29 November 2013