Breast cancer doesn't discriminate

Breast cancer doesn't discriminate. This World Cancer Day we're sharing Bal and Sania's stories.

Personal story | 4 February 2019

Woman having mammogram

National guidance published today makes new recommendations for the testing prevention and monitoring of familial breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Care | 25 June 2013

Email our nurses

Sometimes it’s difficult to talk over the phone about breast cancer and breast health. That's why we have our Ask the Nurse email service. 

Breast Cancer Care | 24 June 2013

Two women talking

You can now read our new briefing The outcomes and experiences of older women with breast cancer: driving progress in the new NHS.

Breast Cancer Care | 20 June 2013

How do you reach more than 30000 people with the vital breast awareness message?

For us last year part of the answer was by working with a Scottish Government health promotion campaign Detect Cancer Early. Our Breast Health Promotion (BHP) team delivered bespoke training courses to staff working on the campaign.

Breast Cancer Care | 17 June 2013

Hosting a Strawberry Tea

A Strawberry Tea is the perfect excuse to catch up with loved ones this summer and indulge in a much-loved British tradition of tea and cake!

Breast Cancer Care | 14 June 2013

What do Breast Cancer Care volunteers do for us? Well apart from delivering one-to-one support for people with breast cancer breast health promotion running HeadStrong sessions keeping our hospital Information Points stocked office and planning work of all sorts raising funds helping out with events…

Breast Cancer Care | 13 June 2013

Breast cancer in men

Our breast care nurse shares information and support for male breast cancer, and why it's important for men to be breast aware.  

Breast Cancer Care | 10 June 2013

We want every person affected by breast cancer to receive the best treatment information and support with all our work aimed at making that vision a reality.

Breast Cancer Care | 6 June 2013

Mummy's Lump

 Mummy’s Lump is for any family needing to talk about the difficult subject of cancer.

Breast Cancer Care | 6 June 2013