Ann gives eight tips that she would have told herself when she was first diagnosed and terrified of what the future might bring.

Personal story | 23 October 2018

Rebecca and her husband

Rebecca talks about how secondary breast cancer has taken over her weeks, and gives tips on managing day-to-day life with an incurable disease.

Personal story | 31 July 2018

Sam is running in the Royal Parks Half Marathon

Samantha is taking part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon this October.

Personal story | 26 July 2018

Self-care after breast cancer treatment

Katia and Nadia, authors of Self-Care for the Real World, look at five tips that may help support you moving forward after treatment. 

Breast Cancer Care | 24 July 2018


Leanne tells us how she regained confidence after her breast cancer treatment and why she's reaching out to others struggling with body image.

Personal story | 17 July 2018


Palbociclib (Ibrance) was approved as a first-line treatment for secondary breast cancer, but when will it be made available as a second or later-line treatment?

Breast Cancer Care | 11 July 2018

Tina and her family

Tina was pregnant when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She shares how her children helped her through treatment.

Personal story | 10 July 2018

Julia and her wife

Julia felt isolated as a young, gay woman with breast cancer. Now she shares her experience with other young women.

Personal story | 8 July 2018

Stuart has secondary breast cancer

Stuart had no idea men could have breast cancer until he was diagnosed. He tells us why it's important for him to share his experience and raise awareness of breast cancer in men. 

Personal story | 7 July 2018

Ruth travelling

When Ruth was diagnosed with breast cancer she wondered what it would mean for her relationship. She shares how her experiences have taught her to be open.

Personal story | 7 July 2018