Tune in to our podcast focusing on the power of storytelling and the positive impact it can have during and after breast cancer treatment.

Personal story | 4 April 2019

Cannabis oil

Health claims surrounding cannabis products frequently hit the news. But is there any evidence that they could reduce the risk of breast cancer coming back?

Breast Cancer Care | 29 November 2018

Ann shares her tips on Moving Forward after breast cancer

Ann, who was diagnosed with primary breast cancer in 2014, talks about her experience once treatment ended.

Personal story | 28 November 2018

Kate and Hana in wigs

When Kate was diagnosed, her daughter Hana set up the Weekly Wigs project to support her during chemotherapy. They explain why it became so important to them.

Personal story | 21 November 2018

Stella will be speaking at Carols by Candlelight

Stella was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2014. She will be speaking at Carols by Candlelight.

Personal story | 20 November 2018

Be a bucket volunteer

Every 10 minutes, is diagnosed with breast cancer. #Give10 on 27 November and help us be there for them.

Breast Cancer Care | 17 November 2018

Five free apps for mental health

We’ve gathered our top five mental health and mindfulness apps that you might find helpful in managing and coping with anxiety.

Breast Cancer Care | 16 November 2018

Emma and her son

Emma worried if her son Josh would cope with her diagnosis. She shares how he surprised her, and gives tips to other young mothers with breast cancer.

Personal story | 14 November 2018

8 in 10 women experience anxiety after breast cancer

A round-up of the latest news about breast cancer research, treatments and side effects.

Breast Cancer Care | 8 November 2018


After losing her breast, her hair, and her sense of immortality and youth, Ann describes how she grieved her losses after treatment ended.

Personal story | 7 November 2018