Breast cancer doesn't discriminate

Breast cancer doesn't discriminate. This World Cancer Day we're sharing Bal and Sania's stories.

Personal story | 4 February 2019

Sonia during treatment

Sonia was told she had an altered BRCA2 gene after being diagnosed. She shares how writing helped her cope with her treatment.

Personal story | 11 September 2018


Georgie found that although friends and family were supportive, they couldn’t understand the journey she was on. She talks about finding support through others and discovering her resilience.

Personal story | 6 September 2018

Practical solutions to beating loneliness

Feeling lonely or isolated is very common when you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer. Here are some practical solutions.

Breast Cancer Care | 6 September 2018

Emma recently finished breast cancer treatment

Emma, who recently finished treatment, shares how she is managing her emotions and why it's important to take time for herself.

Personal story | 5 September 2018

Alison Moving Forward facilitator

Alison struggled to recover after her breast cancer treatment. After attending a Moving Forward course, she's now a facilitator. She shares why the course is so important.

Personal story | 29 August 2018

Liam from Great British Bake Off Milkshake recipe

Liam Charles from The Great British Bake Off shares a Milkshake recipe from his new book, Cheeky Treats. It'll be a crowd pleasing treat to serve at your Big Pink.

Breast Cancer Care | 28 August 2018

Rachael and her son in the park

Rachael’s first thought when she was diagnosed was ‘Can I still have children?’ She talks about fertility treatment and how she had her son, Elliot.

Personal story | 25 August 2018

Rebecca and her mum

Rebecca, who was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer earlier this year, writes a letter to the strangers who cannot see she has cancer.

Personal story | 24 August 2018

Toria took photographs as her hair grew back

Toria discovered a lump while her mum was going through her own cancer treatment. She shares how she kept her optimism and what being a model in our London Show means to her.

Personal story | 21 August 2018