Stephanie is training to be a dentist

This International Women's Day, we hear from Stephanie, Stella and Sara - three women who are embracing life after breast cancer.

Personal story | 8 March 2019

Georgie and Louise chat to fashion psychologist Carolyn Mair

Watch Georgie and Louise, models at our London Show, chat to fashion psychologist Carolyn Mair about losing their identity and struggling with their body image after treatment.

Breast Cancer Care | 20 September 2018

Aimi with her daughter

Aimi’s mother and grandmother both died by the age of 36 from breast and ovarian cancers. Aimi tells us what it’s like to have inherited the faulty BRCA1 gene.

Personal story | 19 September 2018

Emma with her Slimming World certificate

Emma struggled when she gained weight during breast cancer treatment. She shares five tips that helped her on her weight loss journey.

Personal story | 17 September 2018

Gill at her Big Pink

When Gill's daughter Vickie was diagnosed with breast cancer, her friends and family threw a Big Pink in her honour.

Personal story | 15 September 2018

Cliona in her wedding dress

Cliona was 24 and newly engaged when she found out she had breast cancer. She shares why she kept her spirits up and how her loved ones helped her to the altar.

Personal story | 13 September 2018

Anita and her family

Anita struggled to tell her children about her diagnosis and has written a book for kids whose parents have cancer. She shares five tips for sharing illness with children.

Personal story | 12 September 2018

Sonia during treatment

Sonia was told she had an altered BRCA2 gene after being diagnosed. She shares how writing helped her cope with her treatment.

Personal story | 11 September 2018


Georgie found that although friends and family were supportive, they couldn’t understand the journey she was on. She talks about finding support through others and discovering her resilience.

Personal story | 6 September 2018

Practical solutions to beating loneliness

Feeling lonely or isolated is very common when you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer. Here are some practical solutions.

Breast Cancer Care | 6 September 2018