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Whether you’re looking for information about breast cancer diagnosis and treatment or breast health, you can rely on our award-winning range of publications and other information resources.

They are all free and written by clinical specialists. They’re reviewed by health professionals and people affected by breast cancer.

All our publications have been produced in accordance with Information Standard guidelines.

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Getting to know how breasts look and feel normally, and checking for any unusual changes.

About breast changes throughout life, what happens at a breast clinic and being breast aware.

The different symptoms of benign (not cancer) breast conditions, and the treatments available.

Information about breast cancer and coping with some of the physical and emotional effects.

Help to understand more about the different breast cancer treatments, including surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted and hormone therapies.

Dealing with issues and concerns different from those experienced by older women, and designed to be used alongside our general breast cancer information.

About breast health and breast cancer, written for men.

For anyone living with and beyond breast cancer, including the Moving Forward resource pack for people who have finished hospital-based treatment.

Support living with the emotional and practical impact of secondary breast cancer.

Living well, keeping healthy and coping with the emotional effects of breast cancer treatment.

The quarterly lifestyle magazine for people with breast cancer.

More about our free support and information services for everyone affected by breast cancer or with breast health concerns.


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