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Try our new Breast Cancer Care app

The need for support doesn't end when treatment does. If you're struggling to find your 'new normal' after breast cancer, why not try our free app today?

BECCA, the Breast Cancer Care app, gives you information, support and inspiration to help you move beyond breast cancer, presented on easy-to-use flashcards. It’s available right now for iPhone and Android phones.




Don't have a smartphone?

Not to worry, you can still access all the helpful information in BECCA-lite, a lighter, web version of the app, on your tablet, iPad, laptop or desktop computer.

Please note that you won't be able to save your favourite items or receive the Daily 5 suggestions that are available in the full app.

Try BECCA-lite

About the app

If you've been through breast cancer, you may find it hard adjusting to your new life. Whether you're experiencing side effects of treatment, wondering how to adopt a healthier lifestyle or finding it hard to make sense of your breast cancer experience, it can be difficult to adapt and find your 'new normal'.

BECCA offers day-to-day strategies, hints and tips to help you move forward. The simple flashcards give you information on everything from well-being and mindfulness to peer-led advice – letting you know you're not alone in your experience and helping you to adjust to a life beyond breast cancer.


Betty struggled with fatigue after breast cancer treatment
I have found the BECCA app to be inspiring and full of helpful advice, packed with lots of useful information and suggestions. A must for anyone to help them move forward after breast cancer treatment.

Betty, BECCA user

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