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22 May 2019
BN2 5BD Brighton

About the Meet Ups

A diagnosis of secondary breast cancer can mean adjusting to difficult changes in your life. Our Living with Secondary Breast Cancer meet-ups have been designed to give you the chance to meet and share experiences with other people living with a secondary diagnosis and get the information and support you need.

Each month we discuss a different topic.




27 February 2019 Meet-up 11am-1pm
27 March 2019 Palliative Care 11am-3pm
27 April 2019 Meet Up 11am-1pm
22 May 2019 Massage 11am-3pm
19 June 2019 Meet Up 11am-1pm
17 July 2019 Complementary Therapies/Relaxation 11am-3pm
28 August 2019 Meet Up 11am-1pm
18 September 2019 Information Day - Oncologist (Medical Management, Q&A, or Bone Health) and Relaxation  10am-3pm
23 October 2019 Meet Up 11am-1pm
27 November 2019 Exercising for Wellbeing 11am-3pm
18 December 2019 Meet Up 11am-1pm
22 January 2020 Benefits & Financial Advice / Wills and Legal Considerations 11am-3pm
26 February 2020 Meet Up 11am-1pm
25 March 2020 Medical Management / Pharmaceuticals/Side Effects 11am-3pm

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